Bridge 2 Reflection- Studio

I decided to work with the idea of Buddhism and the history of the original Buddha for bridge 2. While wondering around the museum looking at everything I realzied how beautiful the history of the Buddha was due to his love and devotion to it. I grew up in a family that has only studied Judaism and Catholicism until my grandmother became Buddhist. So when I saw the statues of buddhas throughout the museum it seemed to speak to me because I wanted to feel closer to my grandmother. I decided to work with photoshop and illustrator for bridge 2 because I thought collaging photos together would be the best way to represent the story of his life. This way I was able to include all the detailed parts that I found necessary for the project. I feel like if I were to end this with one sentence that my whole project could revolve around it would be, the beginning to the end of a beautiful buddha.

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