Bridge 4: Process Documentation

Project Statement:

From all the research I had developed for my essay I decided to make a short 5-6 minute long video trying to highlight the harms of social media. I started it off with a bunch of layered photos of influencers of photos they posted of themselves holding a phone case that says ‘social media seriously harms your mental health’, which had become a trend around two years ago. Then I started to go into videos of celebrities, models, TED Talks, and Interviews of young girls who  all talk about the harms of social media and how it hows harms the way someone thinks about their body. Lastly I had Billie Elilish’s song ‘Bad Guy’ playing in the background since she is the definition of someone who got to where they were because of social media and society today.


For my inspiration for the video I used different TED talks and interviews that caught my eye and then thats when I  took a deeper  look into each one and found clips that stood out to me. I also read. different Vogue and Elle articles to research more interviews of different celebrities talking to the public about how they feel about social media.


Research Thesis:

Young adults are never able to disconnect, and this can create anxiety, depression and various insecurities related to these mental health issues.


My video relates to my thesis because it shows how all these people are talking about how horrible social media is and what is has done to them because they have become addicted or had an eye opening social media break. My thesis talks about how the young adult generation has trouble (and believe me they’re well aware). The two also relate because I tried to keep the video as long to my point as possible by trying to touch on each thesis point. I also tried to keep it interesting and fun so the video wouldn’t be boring and hard to watch but at the same time you still are able to get all the facts across and understand them.



Some of the photos of people holding the iPhone case!

‘Social Media. Seriously Harms Your Mental Health’


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