Bridge 5: Final Reflection

While we were working on things we categorized a lot to help with ideas and learning them. We also made charts and connected different things together find similarities and differences. I have seen myself use that when I’m alone to help me not only with projects in the class but in other classes at Parsons to help me get through my work and organize it to help me. There were a lot of moments that were shocking for me to actually understand and comprehend in my project but there were a lot of moments that were extremely shocking to me because the numbers were outstanding and eye opening. For example in an article written by the Washington Post I wrote in my essay, “In 1990, 96% of Americans didn’t have cell phones, then by 2007, 71% of Americans had some sort of mobile phone. By the time 2015 came around, 75% of Americans had smartphones.” This was one of those ‘ah-ha’ moments for me because the increase rate was extremely rapid. For future students coming into the new school, I think everyone needs to know how hard you have to work to just do ok and how exhausted you will feel when you do just great, but that the feeling is well worth it.

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