“IS2: Social Media Overtake! – May 2019”

For my research I decided to focus in on how social media is affecting the media health of young adults. I looked at how parents are putting simnifically more and more money into technology for their children each year, how as generations keep getting older and older, they keep getting more and more disconnected from society and the world surrounding them. I then go on to talk about how research shows how horrible social media is for the affects of the human brain and also how horrible it is for children to grow up with this. Lastly,  I wanted to focus in on instagram for my final paragraph in my research paper since in almost all the articles I read it talks about how Instagram is the  worst thing for you to be on for your mental health.

From all the research I had developed for my essay I decided to make a short 5-6 minute long video trying to highlight the harms of social media. I started it off with a bunch of layered photos of influencers of photos they posted of themselves holding a phone case that says ‘social media seriously harms your mental health’, which had become a trend around two years ago. Then I started to go into videos of celebrities, models, TED Talks, and Interviews of young girls who  all talk about the harms of social media and how it hows harms the way someone thinks about their body. Lastly I had Billie Elilish’s song ‘Bad Guy’ playing in the background since she is the definition of someone who got to where they were because of social media and society today.

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