Session #27 “Intersubjective Vistas”

I have decided to  have my artwork be about my past and my family through our generations from my grandparents  all the way through  to  me using film photography of  all of us through our lives. Since the photos were all taken in Maine I  decided that I  wanted to surrounded my photos with a frame made out of things that could be found on the island as well to make it disappear  onto the wall. I  started to decide between ferns (my mother and I would pick them all the time surrounding our house as a child to  put into bedrooms and hallways), Then I had the idea of lilys because since my family always thought that flowers brightened a room more than anything  but lilys more than anything were my mothers favorite (so of course that made the smell feel like home), and finally I thought of a. mix of all the different ‘wild island  flowers’ that you could  find on nature  walks.

3 different mock ups with notes of ideas

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