Fashion History: Paper Topic Choice Proposal

The picture shown above is of Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell at the London Fashion Week Designer Of The Year Awards at the Museum of Natural History on January 1991. I decided to chose this photo because what Kate and Naomi are wearing really stood out to me. They’re two iconic models in the 90s and displayed what fashion really was in this era. Naomi’s all blue look stood out since blue is my favorite color and I have always loved mixing patterns and colors together. Then Kate’s outfit stood out to me because of her coat. All my life I have always had a weak spot for fur coats and something that is out of the norm when it comes to your day to day look.



The second photo is a image taken in Palm Beach in the early 90s. On the left is my mother and on the right is her older sister. You can tell that they’re following the trends of the time because you can see that my mother is in a baby tee and a pair of high wasted blue trousers and her sister is wearing a causal slip dress. They’re both wearing hats that cover there face but you can tell that they have a slight tan. This photo of my Mother reminds me lot of myself now. We are probably around the same age in this and I could so see myself wearing something along those lines as well. I have never been to this house in Palm Beach because it was sold before I was born but my Mother to this day always talks about fond memories she has from this time in her life. She just looks young, free, outgoing and happy in this picture.


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