Drawing/Imaging: Places and Things – Written Reflection

How do you plan to approach this class?

I plan on approaching this class with an open mindset. Before I feel like I was too closed off, especially living as an Asian female in America. My culture and surrounding hindered me from experimenting or expressing my ideas and potential to the fullest.

What would you like to get out of it?

I would like to obtain an understanding of various perspectives of places and things since this class is essentially focused on how places and things are drawn and imaged. Because on my limited amount of experiences, I may view certain objects in a set, obvious way. However, I would like to learn how to view and analyze different perspectives of the objects.

How would it best serve you?

It would improve my ways of demonstrating my observation of places and things.

How will your college experience serve you?

It would aid me to acquire different perspectives from different people from different backgrounds.

How will you engage your class to seek out learning?

I would ask questions and share my opinion, while also listening to others’ opinions so that my range of knowledge would continue to grow.

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