Time : Composition – SPEED Aberrations of time and movement. Annotation

Time : Composition

Christine Kim


SPEED Aberrations of time and movement.

  • People move at different speeds.
  • Animals move at different speeds.
  • Such observation turned the author’s attention toward photography.
  • Photography allows one to “alter the rate of motion, speed it up, [and] slow it down” because the photographer captures the moment of motion for humans to view it at a “human perceptual rate.”
  • Slow motion is an enlargement of the original motion.
  • The author experimented with fiddleheads and noticed they curl up like paper trumpets.
  • Cinecamera is capable of capturing multiple frames within a short interval.
  • “The Time Machine” and “The New Accelerator” – H.G. Wells’ stories that fascinated the author
  • “Sun hopping swiftly across the sky” – personification
  • “The slowest snail that ever crawled dashed by too fast for me” – hyperbole
  • Everything that was happening in nature slowed down or blurred in the author’s mind.
  • Photography and cinematography captures the details of movements inaccessible to humans’ eye.
  • This led to the interest in time machines.
  • Speeds of various types of organisms are all different.
  • What does he mean by “internal limits”?
  • Speed is affected by gravity, sun energy, and oxygen.
  • People tend to think that “creatures may possibly differ enormously in the amounts of duration, but it isn’t like that.
  • Cinecameras “[register] larger or smaller numbers of events in a given time.”
  • When one says time seems to go so quickly, that phrase is somewhat logical because as one grows older, each year becomes a smaller fraction of one’s life.
  • “Brain signals indicating an act of decision could be detected several hundred milliseconds before there was any conscious awareness of it.”
  • Sense of time often gets blurred.
  • “Unconscionable time”
  • Images, books, and other elements are able to aid people to live through a whole another life or experience in mere seconds or minutes.
  • “Jerks are generated by primitive parts of the brain stem.”
  • Jerks may be associated with dreams.
  • Jerks may be preconscious since dreams are preconscious.
  • Epileptic seizures are associated with hallucinations
  • Epileptic seizures are probably conscious.
  • What are superluminal speeds?
  • Mescaline : a hallucinogenic and intoxicating compound present in mescal buttons from the peyote cactus
  • Mescal : an agave plant, especially one of a type used to make alcoholic drinks
  • Parkinson’s disease also triggers the same area of the brain that triggers the “unconscionable time.”
  • Personal time should be differentiated from clock time.
  • For example, even if someone is motionless, meaning he or she is not moving in personal time, the clock is still ticking.
  • Tourette’s syndrome causes people with such disease to capture moments of short intervals without trying hard.
  • Many diseases are related to how the patients perceive time.
  • Senses help make up for the limitations to capture time by using various kinds of instruments such as photography and cinematography.
  • Each person is stuck in his or her own speed and time, yet he or she can alter time through imagination.

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