Drawing/Imaging : Places + Things – Partner’s Diptych Analysis


Christine Kim


Partner(Robert McGinness-hill)’s Diptych Analysis

Cityscape and landscape are two very contrasting images anyone could imagine. Cityscape represents a busy place full of people, buildings, transportation, noises and etc. On the other hand, landscape conveys a quiet countryside with abundance of nature, fresh air, and etc. My partner translates such contrasting ideas into his collage diptych artwork.

His first diptych titled cityscape, which got its inspiration from the train station, is

composed of a white background and thick, black lines running across the white background. The lines mostly form rectangles except for the bottom middle, where the lines create two long trapezoids and an isosceles triangle in the center of the paper. Most shapes are left as the white color formed by the background, but eight shapes have red, blue, yellow, or black colors as the background. Such repetition of similar, mundane geometric shapes represent the fast-paced, rule-based society.

His second diptych titled landscape, which got its inspiration from a park, is composed of a blue background, yet the background color does not show much unlike the first diptych. Other colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, and black are shown more dominantly than the background. Such variety of colors are used for different elements on the paper. The colors of red, orange, and yellow demonstrate the sun and its rays using the stifling method. The colors of green and black are used to depict mountains or hills. The diversity of colors, composition, and shapes demonstrates the slow-paced, comforting, and calm nature of the countryside.

Such contrasting depiction of the cityscape and landscape give off two totally different atmospheres. The cityscape seems more rigid and landscape seems more flowy. Such moods, therefore, portray the major differences between the city, where a citiscape is commonplace sight, and the countryside, where a landscape is the familiarity.

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