Int. Seminar 1 : Fake – Exquisite Corpse

Int. Seminar : Fake

Christine Kim


Exquisite Corpse – The Post-It-Note Girl

Recalling back the unpleasant memories is such a hard task to do, but writing them down checked me if I am on the right track and made feel more comfortable than before. In spite of the fact that thinking back to the obscure memories is not as clear as writing down a journal from yesterday, it has been a good, self-developing time. Yes, those post-its really helped.

My mom writes a journal almost everyday. My friend Christine also writes a journal when she needs to untangle confusing and stressful thoughts that are overwhelming her. However, I don’t. I don’t really get along well with journals. Instead, I have hundreds of post-its stacked up in a pile on top of my desk near my bed. Post-its are my thing. I get scared that if I write a journal, my parents might accidentally see it or I might even drop it outside and a stranger might look at it. However, writing my thoughts on post-its make everything so much more simple. Post-its have limited space, guiding me to organize my thoughts and then start writing. Because the words on post-its are so straightforward and have no other explanation, it gives me less anxiety about others finding out about the topic I am writing about. Plus, no one writes their name down on a post-it so even if people find out about the content, no one would figure out who wrote it. Post-its are also so easy to rip and throw away.

One time in high school, I really liked a guy in one of my classes. I’m such an introvert so I would never confess my feelings to him first without knowing if he also has interest in me. So I borrowed the power of my post-its. I went to school thirty minutes before my first period started, with a small post-it-note in my hand that says ‘I like you. – Anonymous Post-It-Note Girl.’ I stuck it on his locker while no one was looking. Of course, that day during lunch, everyone was talking about the Post-It-Note Girl. It was such a different feeling because I was never the center of attention at school. I also felt so proud of myself for breaking out of my comfort zone and going one step closer to being an extrovert. I have always wanted to be comfortable with expressing my feelings, but my sensitive and introverted personality would always hinder me from boldly approaching new or uncomfortable people or situations. I feel as though my post-it-notes could be a gateway.

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