Int. Studio : Fake – Observational Exercise

Int. Seminar : Fake

Christine Kim


Observational Exercise

Looking outside the window, the guy who caught my sight was nervously shaking his legs while calling someone. He was wearing the most basic outfit one could ever think of : a gray long sleeved shirt, long jeans, white socks, and a pair of cream colored vans. He continuously touched his sleeves, probably his own tactic to drift away from the nervousness. Although he seemed very worried, when he saw someone he knew walking towards him from afar, he concealed his frown and put on a mask of a big smile. From such action, it was possible to infer that he probably likes to hide his personal feelings and situations from others. While he had his dinner set up right in front of him, he did not eat or drink at all. He probably is someone who cannot multitask.

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