Bridge 4: Talking to Strangers

Is animal testing bad?

Animal testing is bad only when they test cosmetic products on them. When it comes to medical procedures I think is more necessary for human kind.

Do you think that it is necessary?

It is only necessary when we need antibiotics/medicine.

What do you suggest that we do to replace animal testing?

Well there are already makeup that have not been animal tested so maybe follow what they do.

Should companies be monitored on their animal testing methods to prevent cruelty?

They should definitely be monitored. There is a difference between cruelty and testing. 

Do you believe that PETA has been too invasive in the past or should they continue taking extreme measures in order to stop harmful and unnecessary procedures? 

They have have definitely gone to an extreme with the work that they do, but i do believe that they have done good in the past and still have very good intentions. 

Some say that animal testing is definitely needed in the medical field to find cures and treatments. Do you agree? Why or why not?

I agree because it would be unlawful to have a human subject die rather than an animal. Although animal do have rights too. 

What if we are able to find people willing to  volunteer to undergo the testing stage in belief of a better future?

That would definitely be ok as long as they are aware of the possible outcomes and are willing to sign a contract where they agree that they are placing they’re life at risk of short or long term affects.

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