My Interview With Hannah: Bridge 2

Christopher Chu


Interview With Hannah

Hannah and I met on September 29th in the UC. We decided to record there because she had a meeting to get to at three o’clock, and it was in the right building for her. Never being one to make somebody go out of their way, I asked if we could meet there. I filled up my Tervis and walked over, enjoying the first cool day of my time at the New School. We met in the lobby, and got in the elevators to the fourth floor, hoping to catch a seat at the landing by the staircase, but upon finding it full, we ventured to the fifth, where we found a seat by the window.

C: So, state your name!

H: My name is Hannah Cruttenden…

C: I’m gonna start with a basic question. Tell me about how you got to Parsons.

H: So, I lived in California. I always wanted to art, really. I never expected I’d move away from California, but I only applied to three art schools there, and I was like, what if I don’t get into any of those. So, I decided to check on the ones over here, and as soon as I set foot on this campus, I was like, I have to go here, and even though I got into every college I applied to, I came here.

C: So you’re in illustration, right? When did that start?

H: I’ve been drawing for eternity! I’ve always loved storytelling, and when I was younger I used to write everything out, but then I got super lazy and realized I could make one drawing instead of writing a trillion words, you know? I realized, that’s what illustration is.

C: I wanna do illustration, I’ve been thinking about minoring in it. So, drawing is your preferred art form, correct?

H: I actually want to take my illustrative films and go into the film industry. A lot of directors did illustration before they directed.

C: What’s your favorite movie?

H: When’s it gonna get into belief?

C: I’m not sure, I hope it gets there naturally.

H: Taxi driver. It’s the most film-bro movie ever. There’s this part where this guy says, “Well, you know what you do? You have a job, and you become the job, you know?” and basically, your actions basically tell what you are. He has the choice to commit these acts, when he gets to the evil acts of killings and…

C: I’m gonna be one hundred percent honest, I’ve never seen the movie.

H: Ok, well, basically he takes the act of killing and chooses to kill for good, to save Jodie Foster instead of killing for revenge. He had the choice to make, and decided to become the good character. It’s crazy that you can make the choice to be who you are, that one choice is the difference.

C: Do you put choices like that in your own life? Like, do you feel that duality? Without, the murder, I guess.

H: I guess. I understand him, I don’t agree with the things he does. But murdering evil Pedophiles, I don’t mind.

C: Ok, here’s my change into serious topics. Sorry it isn’t smooth.

H: No, its ok, there’s no easy way to do it.

C: Ok. Would you consider yourself superstitious, religious, or neither? I mean…

H: No, I get it! I’m not necessarily anything, I guess I’m spiritual. I believe in energies, like when you go into a graveyard and stuff. Things like that are semi proven. I mean, I have these pictures of me in my old house, when I was little. My mom took them, and so she had to get them developed. But when she took the picture, she realized I wasn’t looking at the camera. I was looking at something out of the frame, and I was scared. So then when they were developed, there’s this swirling vortex!

Hannah has been looking through her phone and presents me with the photo.

C: I hate to be a skeptic, but when you develop film you can smudge the tape before it’s chemically set or something. I did it once on accident.

H: No, the camera people were confused too. A while ago, my family and I went to Charlestown, North Carolina and we took a ghost tour. I brought a disposable film camera with flash so I could catch like, orbs and stuff. I’m like super into the ghost thing. I believe in ghosts. I always have. I’d say I’m mostly in the superstitious range, if that’s even where ghosts are. But I’m not 100% a skeptic. Like, I’ve said Macbeth in a theater, which just happened to close down, but it wasn’t even a functioning theater. When it comes to belief, it’s the unexplained phenomenon that gets to me, you know? Like ghosts, aliens, that stuff. I went to this UFO museum in New Mexico, because it’s the first place with reported UFO sightings, in Roswell. There was legitimate stuff. It’s right next to the White Sands desert missile range.

C: Very Area 51.

H: That’s in Nevada. But you’re not allowed to get out of the car because of radiation, but it’s definitely some weird government thing. There’s something else at work there. They say, like, “it’s just a weather balloon, it’s nothing. Don’t say anything or we’ll kill you!” like, really? So there must have been something really like, sketchy. You know? I’m very into it. If you have any UFO questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.

C: (laughing) I will. Did you watch the new X-files episodes?

H: Of course, thats what hot me into this. Not the new ones though. I didn’t really like them that much.

C: Me neither.

Words: 973

The attached layout is the box for the the dilating eyedrops product I made for Hannah. Inside the physical box, there is a small bottle of the eyedrops, complete with label. Photos to follow.

My name is Christopher Chu. I am a eternal freshman, cancer, communications design major, fragile asthmatic, reformed theater kid, and emotionally repressed/confused homosexual. I’m in the process of creating my own distinct aesthetic along the lines of the queer diaspora, and using my experience to guide my artwork. 

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