Altering my appearance

I couldn’t decide on what to do to alter my appearance. I didn’t want to do makeup, I wear it pretty often, and I didn’t want to do clothes because I never dress consistently. While I was looking in the mirror, I decided that I would shave, so I chopped my chin and beard area. Then, as a bold move, I left my mustache! I spent the day out with my friend from high school, and while I wasn’t constantly taking pictures of myself, there were opportunities for photos!

12pm wed: I shave off my beard area and head out to Seminar.

6:30pm wed: I meet a friend from high school for dinner and he mentions that he likes my mustache.

12pm thurs: My friend and I wake up very late, and grab lunch. I see someone else with a fuller mustache.

3:50pm thurs: I go to class, my friend Mariel gives me a look when she sees my mustache

9:40pm thurs: I go back to Loeb to practice my makeup.

12am fri: I send my sister a snapchat and she outright tells me she does not like it.

1pm fri: my friend and I go to the Met.

2pm sat: My friend and I go see The Play That Goes Wrong which stresses me out and my mustache starts to sweat.

1am sat: I shave off my mustache.


My name is Christopher Chu. I am a eternal freshman, cancer, communications design major, fragile asthmatic, reformed theater kid, and emotionally repressed/confused homosexual. I’m in the process of creating my own distinct aesthetic along the lines of the queer diaspora, and using my experience to guide my artwork. 

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