Body Extension

While beginning this project, I felt bored with the idea of cultural heritage. I spent too much time doing art about that in my first semester, so I decided to go a different direction. I focused on my queer side, devoting this project to a different kind of culture. I spent so much time with figures in queer nightlife that I wanted to honor them and history at the same time. So, I came up with the mullet wig. A tribute to the glitzy past through the style, and to the culture from the practicality and use of the wig.

While constructing, I used a process of repetition to cut hundreds of congruent triangles and adhere them together with spread armature wire. Besides the smell of the cardboard, Nothing was an issue except the flipping of the triangles after a dramatic hair toss. It was all fixed by flexing the wires to keep them flat.

As a more conceptual project, I feel like I accomplished the task. I envisioned a much bigger, grander hair, but I was pleasantly surprised I pulled off what I did. I could, of course, had spent more time on the front solids, as they occasionally pull apart and lose their shapes, but they still don’t move with the rest of the hair, so the execution of the movement is still the same.


My name is Christopher Chu. I am a eternal freshman, cancer, communications design major, fragile asthmatic, reformed theater kid, and emotionally repressed/confused homosexual. I’m in the process of creating my own distinct aesthetic along the lines of the queer diaspora, and using my experience to guide my artwork. 

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