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  • I made a book telling the story of my transition from my hometown of Atlanta to New York City. It uses transparent overlaid images to show¬†time passing or comparison with life in Atlanta.

So What?

  • The purpose of this book is to tell a story in an unconventional way. It shows a personal transition through direct comparison (i.e. an image of my house in Atlanta overlaid with my dorm room bed) and depiction of time passing (i.e. a plane ticket overlaid with the view out the plane window). I show the original overlaid images on one page, and then on the facing page I have the two images separated and placed at a diagonal, overlaid with transparent colored rectangles places at an opposing diagonal. By keeping the two-page spread focusing on one set of connected images, it gives the reader a chance to really absorb the information one step at a time, without being distracted by what’s coming next. This relates to what we have learned because it shows a clear progression of images and thought into how it will be perceived by the viewer. The overlaid images create a conflict between figure and ground, and repetition of the images on the facing page creates connection and continuity.

Now What?

  • I could see this book continuing through my years in New York and showing more comparisons as I experience more things and feel time pass in different ways. It could also lead to further reflection on what I am experiencing here and how it could connect to what I experienced in Atlanta, either as a comparison or contrast.

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