Project One: Chinatown Transportation

My theme for my garment was transportation. When I arrived in Chinatown the first thing I noticed were the many food vendors and Chinese restauraunts so I got to thinking, “what about the transportation of food?” So for my garment I chose the unconventional material of Chinese take out boxes. From this I constructed a skirt. For the top, I continued the food theme and made a fortune cookie top (a dessert often associated with Chinese take out).

Linking of deconstructed pails.

First layer of connected pails constructed for skirt.

Making of second layer of skirt using pails and duct tape.

A closer look at interior construction of garment.

Felt of two colors (cream and mustard) being used for fortune cookie top.

Completed front view of skirt.

Completed side view of skirt.

Initial pattern for top.

A closer look at the interior construction of fortune cookie top.

Fortune Cookie top (prior to construction of neckline).

Completed fortune cookie top and skirt.

Side view of completed top and skirt.

Back view of completed top and skirt.

Painting skirt red.



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