Monday- July 9th

My name is Clyde Nichols and I am from Oakland, California.  Growing up I have always been interested in expressing myself through art and creative mediums.  A few years back I stumbled upon photography as a means of expression and fell in love.  The ability to present others with an image that represented my unique perspective was something that I immediately was drawn to.  Gradually I became more interested in creating and constructing my own narrative rather than relaying one that I pieced together from the world around me.  As I grew to be more interested in the storytelling aspect of photography I began creating videos, developing my own film, and drawing.  Currently, I am interested, in interior design, architecture, photography, videography, and graphic design.  I love the challenge of realizing concepts I see in my head and I see design as a fantastic tool to bridge that gap.  I want to use the principals and strategies that I learn in Design Studio to create more interesting, engaging art and to gain the necessary skills to follow my ideas in any direction they lead me.  I am inspired by the beauty that sorrunds us everyday but is overlooked by almost all.  Besides creating I enjoy adventures in the city, travel, swimming, biking, and gardening.  I look forward to this class and growing as an artist and designer.

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