Uncertain Gestures

Works by: 

Julissa  Norman, Grace Adamczyk, Elana Farrel, Audrey Hansen, Heather Yoo, Rhea Mehta, Elaina  Yip, Vicente Vilar, Maria Eriksen, Amrita Vohra, Eva Melin-Gommper, Max Van Alstine, Georgy Ortiz, Naomi Ebenstein, Yejun Yoon, Anna Mezebish, Anna Taggart



    Through the pandemic, we have all responded with our own gestures as ways to cope, understand and process the changes to our everyday lives. The ways we reach out, connect and interact with one another have been drastically affected, and the ways we individually express ourselves have to change in response. New foreign gestures had to be adopted quickly to adapt and respond to our environment and performed with uncertainty due to their unfamiliarity.

    This show is an exploration and visual discourse of these uncertain gestures within three main themes: the domestic, the relationship between internal and external, and globalism. As we were limited to our domestic spaces due to the pandemic, it became a space to study and explore as it became the only space we could freely exist and find comfort in. Artists study how their physical environment, objects, and memories within these spaces can translate into their work. Furthermore, the duality of internal and external can be found throughout these works where artists express the internal and external relationship within themselves and with the world in the state of a pandemic. As we begin to redefine our relationship to society and the world outside of our homes, works within this show also address globalism and one’s connection to the larger global society we’re part of.

    We hope you enjoy our show!


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