Zwanzig Franken


Maria Erikson
Acrylic, Marker, Thread, Goldleaf

Twenty francs

Maria Eriksen

Inspired by that which appears in everyday life, such as the Swiss twenty franc bill, the work is figurative and playful using bold, opaque colors against dark, representative lines. There seems to be a split in the work, the left side containing more instances of color and shape while the right contrasting more use of black and white.


        Since the COVID-19 pandemic started last spring, my work has drastically changed. My work has become more inspired by digital processes, including inspirations from everyday design. Furthermore, I have started working with yarn and textiles, which I now associate with our homes’ coziness. I usually prepare my sketches in ProCreate, Photoshop, or Illustrator and transform them into painted pieces. “Zwanzig Franken” is inspired by the Swiss twenty franc bill that has been present in my previous work. I find inspiration from everyday design (just like the twenty franc bill) –I aim to rethink its purpose and design by bringing in elements present in my own space. I see “Zwanzig Franken” as a self-portrait. The Swiss flag, butterflies, hearts, and my signature in the bottom right make up who I am and how others see me.


Maria Eriksen’s Studio Visit