Zwanzig Hearts

Maria Erikson
Acrylic Yarn, Monks Cloth


















Zwanzig Hearts

Maria Eriksen

This is a tufted piece made using acrylic yarn and a punch needle. The work takes the shape of a heart and includes four different colors along with black and white. Inspired by what is directly in their surroundings, the artist took influence from household materials including yarn and textiles. 

        It is a tufted piece using acrylic yarn and a punch needle. It is a part of the “Zwanzig Franken” series. By spending a lot more time in my home, I have started forming connections with certain household materials, including yarn and textiles. This tufted piece is a further interpretation of “Zwanzig Franken,” where I attempt to interpret a once digital piece into a 3D work that we associate with the coziness of our homes.


Maria Eriksen’s Studio Visit