Vincente Vilar

This performance piece explores a relationship between comfort and discomfort, as well as the systematic repressions and impositions faced by the artist as a trans individual.

        I’m proposing a Video that will document a performance piece I’ve been working on. The performance was thought around a main object/sculpture; this being a pink sofa that has its half covered with concrete blocks and cement (as you can see in the illustrations below). I already managed to find an old sofa I can use for the piece and I already painted it pink, as it was part of the concept; I also already have the building materials I’m gonna need in order to create the object itself, other than that, I’ll also use other equipment for the documentation and filming process; such as a backdrop stand, a green screen for the backdrop, two tripods with two different cameras so I can capture the performance in different angles, and probably a spotlight.

        For the performance itself, I’ll also use a sledgehammer that I already own and specific clothing. The idea I had for this project came from exploring the coexistence and relation between the feelings of comfort and discomfort, personally in my experience as a trans individual, I’m also thinking about the part of the sofa that is covered with concrete blocks as representative of systematic repressions and impositions; For this reason the local I chose to make this was in my father’s old studio in my hometown, Vitória in Brazil; at first, the choice of the location was simply a practical choice so I could have easy access to it, but this place actually represents to me the beginning of when these repressions started being imposed to me, which also adds a sense of site-specificity to the piece. Despite all the metaphors, meanings and conceptual layers the piece has, the performance itself will consist of me engaging with the object (sofa) in different ways and eventually breaking all the concrete parts with a sledgehammer to then be able to lay on the sofa completely. After I have enough footage I intend to edit the visuals so I can create a video that translates this narrative. I am planning to film all the footage I need throughout the next week (14-20 March) and hopefully, I’ll be able to have the final video piece all ready and edited by the end of March.


Viva Villar’s Studio Visit