Between Instability and Stability


Heather Yoo
Oil pastel, Acrylic Paints, Collage on Canvas

Between instability and stability

Heather Yoo

With one large canvas existing as the base, this piece is layered with paper collage as well as canvas collage. Having to do with the aesthetics of the female form, a series of close up images of eyes and a mouth dominate the upper right of the work while the lower left contains the female form in a variety of perspectives though sitting in similar positions. The bodies are shaded with a multitude of colors and juxtaposed against the figurative marks tracing the outline of an eyebrow, mouth, or eye.  

        This piece is all about me and my emotions, I’m always an introvert, so I don’t express my feelings very well. I always tried to do my best for everyone and wanted to be helpful. That’s why I don’t know much about myself. I’ve always cared about other people, and I’ve never been able to take care of myself. While I painted, I had a lot of thoughts and it was time to look back on myself. This work had stories on it not only about emotions and me. I put lots of figures that have no face and have thick outlines around all the figures. For me, the pastel tone colors represent instability I do not know. I just feel like that when I see the pastel colors or when I make that kind of color palate. This is the First time I used collage and oil pastel on my work, I like the process of working and I also like texture as well.


Heather Yoo’s Studio Visit