Heather Yoo
Acrylic on Canvas


Seolee Yoo

This works fragmented use of material and contrast of vibrancy in color use suggests the title itself. The ambiguous nature of the subject and its lack of clarity or focus indicates this memory to be difficult to re-member. 


        This piece is representative of my all sad memories from last year. I had my grandfather’s funeral. I still have that sad feeling so far. He was really nice as a person and as a family member, He was always proud of me and he liked my artwork as well. He always said that he likes the color palette of my works. I could not go to the hospital often due to pandemics. So, I and my sister always made a little card with some painting and drawing and sent it to the hospital.

        In my work, I use lots of dripping texture with acrylic paints. I think the dripping not only represents tears and sadness but it also can represent “old” and all the good memories fade away. I did not want to paint portraits or photos from my childhood with him because it is too obvious. So, I decided to paint in an abstract way to show my emotions and relationship with my grandfather. In Korea, people wear hemp cloth when they die. It is a tradition but I can not use it for my work, so I found a similar texture as hemp and stick on canvas.


Heather Yoo’s Studio Visit