Cesar Bienvendido Ortiz


George Ortiz
Oil on Wooden Panel

Cesar Bienvendido Ortiz

Georgy Ortiz

This portrait of a construction worker explores the emotional, mental, and physical strain experienced by immigrant men. This struggle is captured in the subject’s complex facial expression.

        This is a portrait of a Construction worker, that works on train tunnels and train maintenance. This painting was the start for my exploration of the emotional, mental, and physical strain that immigrating to work causes in men. There is a sense of tiredness in the eyes, but a will to work so he can provide to his family that he has in the United States and the one he has back home. This portrait and this imagery are something that most Dominican immigrant men can relate too, they work so they can retire and live.


        This work is a piece that relates to Armando Matos is tackling the same themes and stories, so I see this work as going together in an exhibition of the work. I want to submit these works because, I feel that I have tackled this topic for a while now and that is time to show what I have been working on. Start having the conversation about migrant workers and how the lifestyle they have chosen is starting to affect them mentally, emotionally, and physically.


George Ortiz’s Studio Visit