Rhea Mehta
Pastel Pencils on Black Mount Board

Hum Kamal Nahi Guldastaan Hai 2020

Rhea Mehta

On a black board, vibrant script in Hindi makes up the background while three females wearing hijabs make up the foreground. The script expresses support of the protests against the Indian ‘Citizenship Amendment Act,’ an act which discriminates against Muslims. The females faces are highlighted with black and shaded with saturated reds, oranges, and blues. 

        Poster done on black mount board with pastel pencils in support of the protests against the Indian ‘Citizenship Amendment Act’, which is discriminatory against Muslims and therefore violates their right to equality expressed in the Constitution. The slogan, in Hindi, references the individuality of all who reside in India, in contrast to the nationalist beliefs of the ruling party.

        I chose to include this piece in my proposal as it holds a significant and important message that encourages dissent against oppressive policies and political structures.


Rhea Mehta’s Studio Visit