Metaphysics (1/3)

Grace Adamczyk
Acrylic, Chalk Pastel on Canvas

Metaphysics (⅓)

Grace Adamczyk

This piece is the first part of a tryptic series examining the domestic space as a site of both violence and care, focusing on the objects that inhabit the space as unconscious “carriers” of experiences from within the space. 

        “Metaphysics 1/3” is the first painting in a tryptic series. This series examines a domestic space as the site of violence as well as care. Interrogating the room means addressing objects as living things that absorb experiences and are witnesses to our lives. These objects themselves in turn hold violence that may not be physical, and so this body of work examines the non- physical or “metaphysical” aspects of the space.


Grace Adamczyk’s Studio Visit