Anna Taggart

Digitize Dyptych

Anna Taggart

This diptych of a painting presented side-by-side with its photoshopped version examines the results of “digitizing” art. Both the painting and the print are the same scale, calling focus to the discrepancies between the original work and the digital version.

        As current fine art students, we constantly have to render our work for digital displays. Lacking the capability of in-person viewing, we never really see the artwork in its entirety, beyond a screen. A lot can be lost in translation when showing our work in an online class, depending on the dimensionality and scale of our work. In response to this, I propose to create a diptych with an original painting and its photoshopped print version. Both the painting and the print will be the same size and depth so that the viewer can focus on the slight discrepancies between the original work and the digitally reimagined version. The mock-up I included below shows how the painting and its flattened digital version would look in a gallery space. The work could be viewed in person, but perhaps an online gallery space can offer another layer to this concept of original vs. digitized.


Anna Taggart’s Studio Visit