Long live vilar


Vincente Vilar 

This piece explores the separation and healing process involved in romantic relationships and breakups, through the lense of the kitchen as a place of care and of love.

        In “s(r)eparation” the concrete/glass pieces themselves vary in size between 3.54×3.54×10.23 inches to 13.77×4.72×10.23 inches. But the print size of the photographic poster is 33,3×37.5 inches. This was an assignment-based piece for my 3D Studio class, where I was asked to explore the kitchen as a subject. I first approached the project by considering the kitchen as a place of care and love, so I started to explore utensils that could represent that. I played around with wine glasses by personifying them and connecting them to romantic relationships; That’s when I started thinking of a breakup as a narrative. As cliché as it sounds, this artwork is about when a wall needs to be built between two people and how separation becomes a healing “reparation” process of something that was broken.


Viva Vilar’s Studio Visit