The Appeasement


Eva Melin-Gommper, clay and paint



























The Appeasement serves as a window into a world ruled by a tall skeletal monster formed from the remnants of a long-dead human and the clay from its grave. Every year the inhabitants of the land on which it was buried must appease it by bringing offerings of insects, plant-life, and handmade items, and perform elaborate ceremonies of music. If they fail to do so, it completes its form and changes into the body of a human, making it indiscernible from the inhabitants, and powerful enough to eat any and every sign of life on the land which it was buried, leaving an immensity of nothing.

It is unknown how the legend is carried on and how any knowledge of its reign came to exist, which is the core of the concept that I will be working with.


Eva Melin-Gompper’s Studio Visit