Project 2


Remembering Satan
The Girl Before
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Persona: Victim of major felony who can serve as a subject to

Narrative: Victim is in so much distress that they neglect to remember important details that are essential to gaining them justice.

Problem: Trauma

In the book remembering Satan, the accused character could not recall committing any of the crimes that he was accused of. He began to repeat what he was accused of by his daughters. His believed these things because they came from his kin

Authorities role:

In The Girl Before by Rena Olsen the main persona was convinced that she was not involved in any illegal or unethical activity while she was. She was trained to think this way. She was a part of sex trafficking and facilitating sex trafficking internationally  Her memory like Pauls memory tricked her.

Authorities role:

I want to design a way in which professionals can find the truth without harming the truth of the matter, so they are completely detached from the subject therefore not inhibiting influence on their memory.


The product I am designing is the system used to extract information from subjects.  It will include tactics.  One of which may be a method of jogging memory through use of

  • a set of augmented visuals in a fabricated environment.
  • Sounds that selected to be familiar to subject
  • Smells that will jog memory in context

A Tool for Social  Justice










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