Dancing With Systems- Donella Meadows

All those endeavors require one to stay wide-awake, pay close attention, participate flat out, and respond to feedback. Dancing with systems is an informal subtle meta analysis on systems and understanding the process of a system. We can design and redesign systems to create the best methodologies.  When studying a system, its best to start noticing the behavior of systems. these systems are flexible and not always durable. System thinking enables us to to use our intuition to problem solve and plan next steps.  It’s easier, more effective, and usually much cheaper to design policies that change depending on the state of the system. I found it so interesting how Jimmy Carter thought. He had system thinking in place, described. He was just not understood, his articulation was not the best, described Donella Meadows. He thought in feedback loops, or if-statements I would say. He identified direct relationships and targeted them. One example of this was when he tried to raise the tax on gasoline when imports were high and taxes dropped if important went down. This notion was denied. When designing a system it is important to work out the details and continue to gather thoughts and facts before deeming the design complete.

Dancing With Systems

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