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-What is it? give all details about the design (name, materials, designer, year created, etc)

The work titled “Dress and Underdress, Temple Dress” was designed by threeASFOUR in 2013, the garment is now on exhibition at The Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum. Measuring 36 inches tall by 30 inches wide, this piece is well categorized as wearable art. The dress was constructed using both bonded silk organza and nylon power mesh, which was then embellished by use of a laser cutter.

-What is it for?

The piece functions as wearable art.

-What problem does it solve?

Though it does not solve the issue it the piece brings awareness to religious tensions and conflict.

-How did the designer come to this idea?

Inspired by the geometric patterns often seen in religious structures, threeASFOUR embellishes nearly the entire surface area of the garment using various geometric shapes. This piece is from a collection titled MER KA BA, which is a combination of many spiritual notions titled by the designer as a ‘mystical form of Judaism.’

-What was the designer’s process?

The white fabric is cut precisely, different shapes in various sizes are extracted resulting in a mesh-like result. The fabric is also structurally shaped and the dress conveys an almost shell-like form. The laser cutter was imperative in the construction of this piece.

-What appeals to you about this design?  Why?

I greatly appreciate the combination of architectural values in conjunction with fashion design; therefore this piece is very appealing to my nature. The array of shape, texture, and structure included in this well-balanced design adhere to my interests.

2) Notice what are the different ways that designers document their process and their final design. Make a list of all the forms of documentation you noticed at the exhibit.

-taking pictures

-taking notes

-video footage

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