Project #6- Invented Media and Implication

Looking back throughout history it is hard to find a country that has not been affected by the English. Beginning in the sixteenth century, colonialism had a wide range of negative effects on numerous countries. Using the idea that their Englishman blood reigned superior to most, if not, all other ethnicities and origins. Using tea as a watercolor-like substance I chose to depict the origin of my heritage Jamaica in my work titled “Favors or Foes”. Not gaining independence until the 1960’s Jamaica is no stranger to the harsh realities of what it truly meant to be under British rule. By depicting colonized Jamaica in an Asian originated substance that the English are often credited for it hints at the common theme of the underhanded doings of England. While the use of water instead of a road parting the buildings represents the recurring theme of trade where the English almost always end up getting the long end of the stick.

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