Deconstructing the Design Process

I could not find any information that directly related to the piece at the MOMA, however, I do know that it was created under the supervision of Christian Dior himself being that it was created in 1950. For he did not pass until 1957 and he remained active within the design house up until then especially since his death was sudden.

The piece shown in the document images are rather recent and were probably created under the present creative director Raf Simons.

Staying true to Dior’s original concept of how a garments silhouette should look it is no wonder why Dior’s New Look is still prevalent throughout the house today.

The piece on display is made out of silk taffeta and is an ode to what we now call the little black dress. This look was selected as a way to showcase the different interpretations of what a little black dress means to different designers.

Both hand and machine constructed both looks have a sense of structure and delicate touches throughout. AlthoughDior did not invent boning and corsetry his use of an old technique truly made him unique.

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