Bridge 2: Fashion Look book


To convey a light relaxed beach feel with elements of excitement and festivity. (bacchanal carnival mixed with traditions)

Lookbook plan

Collect personal photos

Collect materials

Find out more information about my heritage based on my DNA discovery.

Develop a color scheme

Hone my overall idea so that it is clear and concise

Come up with lookbook design and overall way I want to present it

I would like my lookbook to have preferably 6-8 pages


Page Outline

  1. Lookbook title
  2. Mood board photograph
  3. Cultural introduction/ mood board explanation
  4. Including personal family photos to help viewers possibly connect with the overall theme
  5. Page linked to my interview
  6. ( pg 6-8) Collection based on my design process and research

Look Book Craft

Digital with possible non-digital elements throughout.


Final Look Book


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