Critique #1 Plaster/Hybrids

Artist Statement 

When talking about the body many things begin to come to mind however, the body can mean different things to different people. Some more expressive than others, what the body means is ultimately, up to its owner. Often times we hear the saying “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” but what does it truly mean? Like the body, the saying carries a plethora of meanings, depending on who you ask and where you are in the world the answers are sure to vary. In Asia the saying most nearly goes to say, that one should not dwell on evil thoughts; while the western world associates Both the proverb and the image of the monkeys to refer to the lack of moral responsibility that people have when they do not acknowledge impropriety. Also used within gang subcultures, to them, the proverb most nearly symbolizes the code of silence. My take on the popular proverb was to combine the process of the plaster medium and the concept that it goes through its own “metamorphosis” process similar to that of a butterfly. Running with this thought I decided to incorporate butterfly wings into my piece along with the project objective; which was to combine casts of different body parts to create surrealistic imaginative pieces. Being that the proverb focuses on senses or lack thereof,  I decided to also implement the idea of the eyes being the windows of the soul. Together the butterfly wing, finger, and ear express the message that our freedom is limited if our senses are hindered both physically and metaphorically; as a result of humans inherently evil qualities.

Final Piece 

Process Photos (failed idea and successful idea)

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