Rapid Fashion Prototyping

Partner with another student to work on a mannequin and create a new design that combines your vintage store purchases into 3 completely new design variations. Follow these steps:

1) First, photograph the 2 original pieces side by side.

2) Sketch or plan 3 different, original, and creative ways that you could design a new garment combining parts of the vintage pieces you purchased.

  • Create a gown that combines industry and beauty.
  • Create a pair of pants that can most nearly be described as chic street wear.
  • Create a 50s inspired dress that would play off of the idea of industrialization and war.

3) Then, create those 3 different variations on the mannequin, by cutting up the garments, and using pins to create the new piece on the mannequin.

4) Photograph each of these 3 variations on the mannequin to document them.

-(¾)When Alissa and I met up to work on the assignment we forgot to take photos of the draped dress form, however, I have sketches of the looks we attempted.

5) Choose the variation that you thought was most successful in terms of originality and creativity and finish it for our next class. Bring the finished piece to class. Refinishing, I do not expect you to know how to sew, so you can finish it with very rough hand sewing, or stapling, or gluing.

-We decided to go with design 1 the gown. Though it is the most ambitious we felt that it would be the most visually appealing and more interesting to work with.

6) Create an LP post called “Rapid Fashion Prototyping” showing these the photos (original clothes, and your variations). Describe the process, the choices you made, and your rationale for these choices.

-When working on the dress form we worked both directly on the form as well as referencing sketches that we had come up with prior to getting hands-on with the materials. I think it was a successful way of working because it left room for freedom and creativity to flow while still keeping us organized by having an initial plan to refer to. It was also nice to work with a partner so that we could bounce ideas off of each other ultimately coming down to what worked the best and pleased the both of us.

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