Bridge 4: Final Project: Redefined Innocence

Title: Redefined Innocence

Introduction/What is Human Trafficking?

the action or practice of illegally transporting people from one country or area to another, typically for the purposes of forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation.

-Or what I like to call modern-day slavery.

Thesis Statement

Thus, despite the perceived “freedom” for all, human trafficking remains prevalent in the United States, yet it is treated as a taboo within the political and cultural setup of the country.

Mood board

My Initial Concept:

Initially, as seen in my mood board theme my Idea was to create a garment along with two to three illustrations that would represent the grim reality of all that human trafficking is. My primary source of inspiration for my original idea was intricate bird cages. This idea changed, however, While doing my research I realized that there is enough that constantly reminds victims of their past lives so I wanted to create pieces that highlight the positivity of their futures. I decided that my garments would display a message of class and the idea of picking up the pieces of their shattered selves and piecing them back together.  This concept is where I gathered the idea to use color blocking as a representation of bandages (my metaphor for healing). Ultimately, once removed or the woman undressed, the result is a healed woman free from the wounds of the past. and portray a woman of confidence and elegance.

The inspiration for my initial concept

-Dwelling on the darkness of the truths of human trafficking.

Revised Concept Inspiration

-Looking past the definition of human trafficking examining the lives the victims want to lead after escaping from modern slavery.

Sketches/ Swatches

Process/ Goal

The reason I chose to combine a slide explaining my process and goal is that I believe they truly go hand in hand. I say this because I could only achieve my goal through the steps I took within my process. My goal in doing this project was to create pieces that would represent what victims of human trafficking go through as well as being able to empower the wearer by making them feel beautiful, confident, and elegant. In order to do this successfully, I thought about the woman I interviewed throughout the entire process. Technically I created these garments by manipulating and changing pattern pieces I purchased and using basic garment construction skills. As far as fabric choice I decided to go with satin because of its sheen and natural elegance. 

Final Styled Photoshoot 

Look One

Look Two

Final Seminar Research Paper

research Paper.-18capf9

Concluding Write-up

Evidently, like most projects, there were ups and downs when constructing my pieces. My greatest issue came when sewing in the color blocked pieces. I had to pay close attention when sewing them to make sure that the overlapping sections on the front of the top in look one lined up. This was very important to me during the construction process because I wanted the white sections to read seamlessly until examined up close. As far as the second look goes the front color blocked panel of the top was the most difficult to put together. Because the satin fabric insert formed a cross-like shape, I really had to work to fill the space around the cross by splitting the corners of the sheer polyester in order to get the seamless look I was going for. Dealing with my sudden shift in concept I realized that it is something I will welcome in the future. Usually, I am someone who sticks to my original plan but the change from my original concept to my final result allowed me to let loose and go where ever I feel led to go. Overall, this bridge assignment was allowed me to learn not only about the research topic but also about myself which are both things I can take with me on my career as a student and beyond.


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