Fashion Styling Photoshoot

Final Fashion Styling Photographs

Process Photos

Concluding Paragraph

This assignment was a great experience for me and I hope Alisa feels the same. We were paired together as a result of us both being absent but I believe it was for the best. We did not but heads not once, throughout the entire process we were able to listen and understand one another ultimately leading to our final decision or in this case, our final project. Given the sort of industrial look of the jumpsuit, we decided it would be cool to create a piece that is usually seen as elegant and somewhat soft and dainty. By creating a gown we created something that we throughout the process referred to as, industrial chic. The strong feeling of the garment is what gave us the inspiration for out ideal shoot location, a run-down fire escape. This plan was ultimately put on the back burner because of inconvenience brought on by the weather so we had to remain mainly indoors. We got a few good shots before it really started to downpour on the scaffolding across the street from 2w 13th. We then decided that we had no other cj]hoice but to use the lobby of the building to our advantage capturing our aesthetic feel through different camera angles and model position/pose. Because I did not have time to sew the garment together we ended up using a hot glue gun to piece the garment together which is another reason we preferred to stay close to the making center so that we would be prepared to address an issue with the garment, luckily however, everything managed to stay together for the duration of the entire shoot and well afterwards. Overall, I enjoyed this assignment because it gave us a taste of what shooting for an editorial must be like and how we must be prepared to adapt to any possible sistuation whether bad or good.

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