Project #2 Wood/Shaping Space

Artist Statement 

Often times when we ponder what it means to think, we think of the functions of the brain. I, however, believe that our ability as humans to make decisions comes from both the brain and the heart working together simultaneously. Many times we are told “think with your brain, not with your heart,” but what exactly does that mean. The idea that these two functions of the body, one of ration the other of emotion work separately, is a notion that I wholly disagree with. I believe that when used together emotion and logic can help us to make decisions that truly reflect who we are as people because it eliminates the idea that we must abandon a quality about ourselves in order to make decisions that reflect social construct is frankly preposterous. This notion that these two parts of the body work together can be seen in my piece. The heart and the brain are attached to the same plain represent them dwelling with one another without one taking away from the other. The red heartbeat brainwave notched combination represent the idea that people view them separately, however, the mix of the two displayed in one sequence shows my belief that they are one in the same.

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