Object Redesign – Part 2 : Biomaterial Integration

What quantities of materials did you include in the process?

I used less than a quarter pound of found recycled fabric collected from fashion classrooms in the university center. These fabrics included muslin, cotton, and polyester.


Record the timing of the process

The complete process took about two days, which included the time allotted for different dye baths to achieve different color hues as well as actually constructing the clock. (pictured above)


Document yourself as you perform your protocol.

(Pictured above)


Measure or weigh the material.

4 carrots

1/2 a beet

4tbs of turmeric

2 cups of spinach

less than a quarter pound of fabric

one sheet of Carson mounting paper

1 solar powered clock hand mechanism

12 recycled earring parts from my job


What do you see? Take pictures.

(pictured above)


How are your other senses activated?

When boiling the vegetables the use of the sense of smell was prevalent as time progressed and the bathes simmered.


What are your feelings about these active biological processes?

I loved the process because it was both safe and effective in making a product that could otherwise cause ecological harm safer.

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