Project 333 – fashion challenge

1.Your process of defining your wardrobe

Earlier this semester in my fashion and culture class, we were given the assignment to write a paper analyzing our wardrobes. Initially, I had many questions mainly surrounding the concern and slight panic I had when I thought of just how many articles of clothing I own. My worst fear was confirmed when my professor went on to explain that she indeed meant every single item. With the help of a closet organizing app, it became extremely apparent to me that I had a slight shopping problem especially given the number of items that still had store tags on them. Looking back this experience was a tremendous eye-opener which is why I was up for the project 333 fashion challenge.

The template I used to formulate my own capsule collection for project 333
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2.The experience of living within these fashion constraints

Initially, when I first caught wind of the assignment I thought that project 333 was not for me. However, with the incentive of not one but two absence forgiveness’ I could not afford to pass up this opportunity. I was actually dreading limiting myself to what I could and could not wear, however,  as I said previously I was kind of already doing that without noticing. By following the guide I was able to pick options that I could mix and match to create presumably different outfits. Overall, my experience was mostly positive. I did get a little frustrated at the end because I felt like I had worn all of my options already but the experience was worth it. I now know that it is indeed possible to survive despite how much I had thought the more I buy the better.

3.A testimonial from your friend

My coworker Shaira Rahman and I constantly talk about how much we love shopping frequently sharing our hauls with one another. For this reason, she thought I was absolutely psychotic when I explained what project 333 was and that I would be taking part in it. In the beginning, she would ask me how I was holding up and I would yell her just fine eventually she became so familiar with what I was doing that she stopped asking. At the end of it all, she was no longer opposed to the idea; seeing me throughout the full three-month challenge She saw my growing frustration but realized that if I could make it through it must speak for how much we as humans we really need versus how much society tells us we need.

4.Your final reflection on the experience

Overall, this was truly an eye-opening experience for me. It has altered the way I view clothing and purchasing an overabundance does not make me any more or less of a person despite what we are made to believe. Besides we are so fortunate to have an abundance of resources so much so that project 333 would still be considered a lot of clothes in other nations. This is why I believe everyone should try this challenge so that they can realize how much they really need to survive.

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