Learning Portfolio Post #2

When thinking about the topic of gender and it’s portrayal in fashion, the first brand that came to mind was Gucci. Known consistently for its ‘sex sells’ strategy the brands continued use of explicit imagery explicit continues to create buzz. The image above is a testament to Gucci’s continued use of their decade-old advertisement strategy. The image portrays a nearly nude woman with a man knelt before her face level with her crotch which bears the letter g shaven into her pubic hair. The conscious decision to only display this woman from her abdomen down speaks the continuous use of women as sex objects within the fashion industry. However, the image can also be seen as one celebrating women and their power, because the man kneels before her as if he was going to perform a sexual act that is usually displayed in reverse gives the woman a more authoritative role within the exchange. This add can both reinforce and subvert traditional societal norms, ‘As individuals take up their subject positions, they become subject to the regulatory power of cultural discourses.” (Kaiser, 21) As Kaiser states the inherently sexual nature displayed in the image does more to support the norms that already exist, shaped socially and culturally through subjugation. In order to combat the already perceived exploitation of women, one must work harder to display imagery that speaks out against these constructs.

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