Cts2 Pant Project Process and Reflection


Narrative: written description of the project

This semester in creative technical studio 2 we began the term by gathering inspiration based on a city of our choice. From our chosen cities we conducted research about the lifestyle and dress practices of the people who occupy the region. From my research, I decided to create a loose version of a customer profile to further pinpoint who I was designing for, as well as the location I was designing for. Using our research as a guide we were to come up with pant designs that incorporated both an understanding of our geographic location as well as classic tailoring techniques and finishes. The pant had to include at least two pockets and be long enough in length to be considered a variant of a trouser. My city of choice well, Island of choice was Jamaica W.I., because Jamaica is part of the Caribbean the climate is very humid. Given the temperature on the island as well as the professional occupation of my target woman, my goal was to come up with a design that was tasteful, comfortable, and suitable for the climate of the island. This goal was the reason behind the light color pallet as well as the mesh insert to allow for air flow without being see-through and inappropriate for corporate settings. Generally, I am happy with the overall look of my pants but as I am continuing to learn there are areas that need some work. some of these areas include zipper installation, hem, and catching the waistband when understitching.


          Mood Board

mood board

          Introduction to a simple bifurcated garment (legging) and a tailored bifurcated garment (short sample)

Fabric: swatches & treatments

Process: draft, drape, construct

             Pattern layout for print matching

              Sewing the darts and tucks: front & back

 Assembling the Pocket

 Zipper(will be fixed) and Waistband

              Side Panel Fabric Insert and Hem

Completed Pant on pant form: front & back view

Model Shoot

I have not completed a model shoot

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