LP Post 5 What is Fashion?

Learning Portfolio Post #5 (250 words)

For your last LP Post of the semester, I would like you to reflect on the question “what is fashion?” which you were originally asked to answer in Week One. How has your understanding of fashion changed since the beginning of the semester? Give one or two specific examples to explain your answer. Your example(s) can come from anywhere, but support them with at least one quote from a class reading.

To refresh your memory, here is Week 1’s In-Class Writing prompt:

Imagine you need to write an encyclopedia entry for the word “fashion.“ Spend a few minutes thinking about the word and its meanings, and after you’ve given it some thought, write down a 3 to 5 sentence definition.


At the beginning of the semester I had a hard time putting into words the meaning of fashion and as I reflect on the term; I realize that I still struggle to come up with a solid definition. However, I no longer see this struggle as a personal lack of knowledge I now see it as increase there of. I have realized that fashion is a multifaceted concept that should not be defined but rather understood. Fashion does not exist in a vacuum therefore, we should not treat it like it does. Described in many ways, I believe the definition is subject to change because of the personal attachment one might have to the word; further complicating the idea that fashion can be defined. Typically, fashion is described by “popular trend, styles of dress and ornament, as well as manners and behavior.” These terms indeed describe the superficial concept of fashion however, fashion is not solely limited to the previously listed. Fashion is an embodiment of current events, a representation of the present day and how people react through dress

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