W1-Reading review

I read the book “Superintelligence” and did a lot of research on BMI before. So the article from NYTimes makes the most sense for me among all other material we read this week. 

There are some parts open my eyes wide and totally surprise me. For example, the author was saying” Worse than being seen as an enemy is not being seen at all.†And he believes that we shouldn’t define an advanced A.I. by its resemblance to ours.

There are some parts I resonate a lot with. For instance, he was trying to explain how we should redesign the Turing test so “passing” may say more about the audience than about the performers.

However, there are also some parts I am a little skeptical about it when he was mentioning that the real philosophical lessons of A.I. will have less to do with humans teaching machines how to think than with machines teaching humans a fuller and truer range of what thinking can be. I believe in the future, every human being might become an A.I., like a cyborg. Therefore, the communication between human and A.I. is quite seamless. We can even use the cloud to collect information and talk with anyone including A.I. in the world whenever and wherever we want. This idea can also be confirmed with the new company Elon Musk created this year called Neuralink. He actually wants to build something like this in the future to empower every human being to become an A.I. in order to compete with A.I.

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