Reading Response to The Impossible Prison

In the article, there is a point that architecture can be regarded as  a mode of political organization, which reminds me of Le Corbusier’s book “Architecture makes revolution”. There is famous project called Free Berlin University, which is built as a model of democracy.  The whole building uses the theory of Le Corbusier’s plug-in model, which is like a big frame structure waiting for new block to plug-in. The program can change with the possible change in requirement in the future. However, what interesting is that the process of establishment of Free Berlin University is not democratic at all. It was built without any feedbacks from possible users, likely, students in Free Berlin University. The concept, Panopticon in this article, as the text states, doesn’t exist at the current times. It was a Utopian idea that had a very specific frame of ideas for that time, but some elements and ideas from this kind of architecture model still can be found in the frame of social media.

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