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Visual—> images/signs/logos.
I get most of the inspiration from the book <Particles of Looking> Chapter one for this week.
The book mainly discussed some visual knowledge. The Chapter one starts with a very interesting start: Everyday world is so strongly organized around visual and spirial cues that take seeing for granted ——— we seem don’t even noticed that and we are tend to take that for granted.
Also the author discussed the “Look” this behavior itself as a social practice which is really interesting. We are seeing everyday and almost all the time but we didn’t noticed if there is some thing more than just “look at an object” itself.Not only looking but also touching and hearing, they are all navigating the space organized around the sense of sight, it’s a kind of negotiate our social relationship and meaning.  This opinion is really punchy and critical to me.
Author discussed that looking can be easy or difficult, plearuable or unpleasant. Harmless or dangerous. Conscious and un consdcious—— totally surprised by so many factors evolved in just a “look” simple process! We engage in practices of looking to communicate/influence and be influenced.
Also the author talked about the image. Image provide us with reponses and emotions.Representation is the use of langurage and images to create meaning about the world around us. We use words to understand, descreibe. And define the world we see. Image use the same way.So in my opinion image some kind serve as a language.
System of representation used in painting,drawing ,photography,cinema,televison and digital media all could be considered as the use of a language
We use many tools to instigate images and try to understand them, and we often use the tool of looking directly without even thinking of it. The understanding of the images based on the social and aesthetic conventions. For example: Logo itself serves as an instant recognition.
Author put forward a really intereting topic —— “Encoding and Decoding “of the cultural images and artifacts.
In the concept of “Encoding and Decoding” includes mainly three parts:Dominant-Hegemonic reading, Negotiated-Reading and oppositional reading.
Also we need to know that image codes change meaning in different context so they are not always gonna be the same.

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