W2 Response to “Practices of Looking, Introduction to Visual Culture”

We could easily get ideas and influenced by images or movies because vision has great power to represent something or express the meanings. Since vision is a great way to communicate with people or ideas.

Language has the rule to help us communicate. We can express our idea and interpret meaning easily by using language. Also, the image could do that too. Each decade has different kind of paintings or art pieces reveal the philosophy from that period. They used the painting to spread their idea on faith or on their surrounds. Moreover, The painting that we could see in the museum is not just an object depicted but also produce meaning through the ways that they are composed and rendered.  These paintings are a perspective from an artist eyes which could give a different way to think about the world.

In my view, the article gives me the idea on how to understand art pieces inside the museums.  From my experience, I always have difficulty to understand some of the Contemporary Arts in museums which seem the artist uses some simple elements to set a code with the painting. Through the article, I should decode them by using deep looking to the color, tone, contrast, composition something like that and also should know the social-historical context to understand the works. Each work is unique and meaningful which based on the identity of a person or the philosophy from these decades. We need to enhance the ability of eyes that could see through the painting and get connected with our own experience and knowledge.

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